Youth set to get a ‘jump-start’ with women at the top

The International Women in Employment and Business Conference slated for March 1, is already creating excitement in St. Kitts and Nevis and across the region.  The conference theme is Resilience and Readiness in a Global Environment and is being hosted by the Windsor University School of Medicine in Cayon.


Seven distinguished professional women of Caribbean heritage, will arrive from the UK in the Federation on February 27th.  With the UN Gender Equality agenda in mind, one of their tasks will be to provide an invaluable mentoring opportunity before the conference, to a selection of youngsters and junior staff from both St Kitts and Nevis.  The longer term aim will be to create a supportive network for the youth that extends to the UK.


Three of the women are already at the very top of their profession namely Professor Laura Serrant, OBE from Dominica, Professor Claudia Bernard from Grenada and Professor Uvanney Maylor from Jamaica.






Notably, Ms Sheryll Cadogan,  co-Founder of the “Womanhood Academy” has just been nominated for another award!  Ms Cadogan has family from the Molineux/Phillips area and she will be here doing a special workshop with local youths.  An award-winning actress and Director of her own Charity Reality Bytes UK, Ms Cadogan specialises in inspiring girls to utilise their talents and prepare them for success at all levels of society.

Sheryll Cadogan, co-Founder of The Womanhood Academy

The importance of the conference has been noted by both organisations in the Federation and regionally and continues to establish St Kitts-Nevis as one of the pace-setters for implementing the UN Gender Equality agenda.

Prof Claudia Bernard

Prof Uvanney Maylor

Prof Laura Serrant, OBE