Youth for Human Rights International organization builds capacity with local stake holders

The Free winds in collaboration with the St Kitts and Nevis National Commission for UNESCO, The Ministry of Social Services, Community Development, and Gender Affairs and The Department of Youth Empowerment both on St Kitts and Nevis had successfully completed another workshop for different stakeholders on Youth for Human Rights.  Stakeholders were, primary and high schools guidance counsellors, teachers, registered community groups, and the insiders of Her majesty’s Prison, Basseterre.

Various high and primary schools were visited and numerous Youth and Adults Human rights Materials were handed over to the principals, who were most grateful as it would assist the students with their Social Studies SBA’s.

Approximately, 100 students from the high schools, particularly Washington Archibald and Basseterre High Schools interacted with Mr. Ken Weber, 2nd Captain of the Freewinds on their thirty (30) Youth for Human Rights.  A Video presentation also formed part of the interaction.

The Insiders of Her Majesty’s Prison interacted / participated in a discussion on the thirty (30) Human Rights.  The level of participation was very interactive and they thanked Mr. Weber for sharing such information with them.  The Insiders requested follow up sessions so they can be better informed on their Human Rights.

The Youth Department on Nevis was in attendance at the workshop and three of the participants will be inducted in the SKN UNESCO Youth for Human Rights Organization, which will take place on 10thDecember 2018.

Mr. Weber made an official presentation of materials to the St Kitts and Nevis Defense Force.

The sole facilitator of the workshops was Mr. Ken Weber 2nd Captain of the Freewinds, alongside was his three video staff.

Expression of thanks to the Freewinds for donating approximately 4,000 worth of Youth for Human Rights and Adults materials for the edification and stimulating of our nation’s youths and adults and also to The St Kitts and Nevis National Commission for UNESCO for spear heading the week of activities.