Weather Report for 7am on September 11, 2018

Weather Bulletin

Issued at: 7 am Tuesday 11th September, 2018
Present Weather: Fair skies
Winds: Calm
Temperature: 26°C/78°F Humidity: 90%
Sea Level Pressure: 1014.3mbs or 29.95″
Sunrise: Tom 5:58 am Sunset: Today 6:17 pm
Weather Forecast Valid until 8am Tomorrow
Winds: Southeasterly at 4 – 8mph, becoming light and variable or calm at times

Tonight; northeasterly at 7 – 14mph.
Seas: Slight with significant wave heights of 0.6 – 0.9m or 2 – 3 ft.
Weather Forecast for St. Kitts & Nevis: Sunny during the morning
and variably, cloudy during the afternoon with a 40 percent or moderate chance of
showers. Tonight will be mostly fair.

Eastern Caribbean Forecast: Strong daytime heating providing some
lift along with some shallow moisture advecting into the area will keep the chance of
showers high under mostly cloudy skies over Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

There is also a moderate chance of thunderstorms and localized heavy showers
occurring over the islands during the afternoon. Later tonight, a more stable and cool
environment will restrict shower activity under mostly fair skies. Meanwhile shower
activity will be minimal under mostly sunny skies light and warm southeasterly flow
could trigger some locally cloudy spells with some localized showers over the
Leewards Islands. Later tonight mostly fair skies will dominate.

The St. Kitts Met Services is closely monitoring Tropical
storm Isaac which has lost a bit of intensity but still
remains a very strong storm with winds up to 70mph, as
it continues to move towards the island chain. Residents
are reminded that we are in the peak of the hurricane
season and are encouraged to ensure that their disaster
plan is ready. We will continue to provide updates on
Tropical Storm Isaac which should be in the vicinity of
the island chain by mid-week