VACANCY NOTICE : Land Surveyor


Job Title:                    Land Surveyor


Location of Job:        Department of Lands and Surveys, Basseterre, St. Kitts


Summary Description


The Surveyor will be under the general supervision of the Director, Department of Lands and Surveys.  He/she is responsible for undertaking measurements and determining property boundaries to provide data regarding the shape, contour, location, elevation and dimension of land or its features which will be used for engineering purposes, mapmaking, land evaluation, construction and other purposes.




  • Plan, direct, supervise and conduct surveys in order to establish the legal boundaries for properties, parcels of land, well sites, utility right of way, road ways etc. based on legal deeds and titles;
  • Undertake site visits to collect information, locate boundaries and take measurements to verify extent of boundaries;
  • Survey and lay out subdivisions for development;
  • Prepare and maintain drawings, maps, reports and legal descriptions of surveys in order to describe, certify and assume liability for work performed;
  • Develop criteria for survey methods and criteria;
  • Calibrate instruments in order to maintain their accuracy;
  • Verify the accuracy of survey data obtained at survey sites;
  • Train incoming new surveyors and assistants and direct work activities in areas such as map drafting or in doing surveys;
  • Research land records, survey records and land titles; and
  • Perform any other relevant duties which may be assigned from time to time by the Permanent Secretary and Director of Lands and Surveys.





  • A minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Land Surveying or Geometrics Engineering or any other related field;
  • At least two (2) years experience in this field.


Skills and Experience:


  • Individual should have at least two (2) years practical experience in the field of Land Surveying
  • Individual should possess strong quantitative, analytical and interpersonal skills;
  • An ability to visualize objects , distances and sizes;
  • An ability to work outdoors with precise electronic equipment and surveying equipment and to utilize the equipment in an efficient and accurate manner;
  • An ability to effectively coordinate the work and activities of a team;
  • Individual should have strong personal management skills including negotiating skills, conflict management skills and leadership skills, as well as strong verbal and written communication skills
  • A strong aptitude for mathematics and computers;
  • Ability to evaluate information to determine compliance with laws, regulations or standards;
  • Ability to utilize data from a range of sources such as aerial photography, laser beam measuring systems and satellite surveys;
  • Ability to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to analyze and interpret site features; and
  • An ability to drive standard/manual vehicles to facilitate the undertaking of the aforementioned duties.


Knowledge Required:


  • A knowledge of Auto CAD, Carlson Software and other IT software to interpret data;
  • An ability to utilize modern surveying  equipment such as Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers and total stations; and
  • Knowledge of new and emerging technology in this field.


Applicants must include a CV and reference and should be submitted to the address below by December 9th 2017.



The Chief Personnel Officer

Human Resource Management Department

Government Headquarters


St. Kitts

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