Over the last 36 hours, an inch of rainfall was recorded over portions of Basseterre. according to the St. Kitts Meteorological Services, and favourable atmospheric conditions along with recent satellite and radar data suggest more showers are possible during the upcoming 24 to 36 hours. St. Kitts-Nevis is NOT currently under any Flooding Alert,however the National Disaster Coordinator (NDC), Abdias Samuel, is advising drivers and other road users to access the known ghauts and waterways in the Basseterre Basin with caution. 


The Met has stated that the chance of Flash Flooding is low. Still NDC Samuel is urging persons NOT to park in the ghauts and to share information with anyone seen parking in those areas, particularly visitors or others who might not understand how they work.


Flash Flooding can occur without advanced warning.


The following is the Weather Bulletin from St. Kitts Meteorological Services, which is valid up until 8am tomorrow, Sunday, 30th December, 2018.


Winds: East-northeast at 18 – 27mph, gusting to 33mph during showers as well as over open waters.


Seas: Rough with swells reaching 2.4 – 3.1m or 8 – 10ft. Hence a firmwarning remains in place for small craft operators and sea bathers against dangerous sea conditions. In fact, small craft operators

should stay in port due to these hazardous marine conditions.


Weather Forecast for St. Kitts & Nevis: Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with a 70 percent or high chance of showers.


Weather tonight: Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with a 60 percent or moderate chance of showers.


Eastern Caribbean Forecast: Across most of the eastern Caribbean, acombination of strong winds due to a steep pressure gradient as well as the presence of a weak moisture line will result in very rough sea conditions and also a high chance of showers from the British Virgin Islands southwards to Trinidad & Tobago.


St. Kitts Meteorological Services continues to monitor the forecast as they become available, remaining in constant contact with the NEMA in order to keep individuals and communities informed and protected from hazard impact.


National Emergency Management Agency

29 December, 2018