Tour Route for J’ouvert

Dear Taxi and Tour Bus Operators,

As result of the J’ouvert activities in Basseterre on Thursday 26th December, all taxi and tour bus operators are kindly asked to take note of the following changes to the Port Zante operations and traffic restrictions:

  • The Bay road will be closed from the Pelican Mall to the bottom of College Street Ghaut. No tours will be able to depart from the Western side of Port Zante.
  • Tours can depart from the Eastern roundabout and continue East without any interruptions.
  • Tours going West (e.g. Taxi Tours) will exit Port Zante on the Eastern side toward the Frigate Bay Road and go west on the Bypass road. It is recommended that you tour Basseterre at the end of your tour rather than at the beginning due to traffic restrictions in Basseterre if timing permits.
  • All pre-booked tour buses will be parked in the designated areas on the East of Port Zante and will depart Port Zante via the East.
  • Passengers arriving in the Marina will be met by their local tour agent and guided to their vehicles parked in the area designated for pre-booked tours in the Eastern location.

These changes will have no effect on tours returning to or departing the port at 12:00 pm as it is anticipated that normal traffic flow will resume at this time.

Thank you and we look forward to your usual cooperation.