Territorial Collectivity of Martinique celebrates the Fourth Centenary of the arrival of “Carpentras Anonymous”

Un flibustier français dans la mer des Antilles

Until this year 2019, we did not know his name, hence the term “The Anonymous”. This character has

left a story of his trip to the Caribbean Sea, a manuscript found in the library of the

diocese of Carpentras, in the south of France, hence the name “Carpentras”.

This manuscript is valuable because it is the first complete story of an expedition of pirates and buccaneers in

the Caribbean Sea, which, besides Martinique, has also approached Dominica, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados

This manuscript was found, transcribed, reviewed, annotated, commented by Jean-Pierre Moreau, archaeologist, and

published under the title: « Un flibustier français dans la mer des Antilles » (“A French buccaneer in the Caribbean Sea”)

The expedition in which participates the Anonymous leaves the port of Dieppe in France, on June 20, 1618, with four ships.

Men along the coast of Africa (Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands), cross the ocean(crossing the line) to meet in the North East of Brazil

(Pernambuco or Recife), then go back to the North: Lesser Antilles and Greater Antilles.

They stayed ten months in the French island and it is one of the oldest known documents on Martinique.

The interest of this manuscript is to make better known the first contacts between Caribbean (Kalinas) and French,

with the description of the fauna, flora, landscapes and inhabitants;

For a long time it was thought that after the discovery of the French island by Christopher Columbus there was nothing happening in the archipelago

before the French Belain d’Esnambuc landed on St Kitts (St Kitts) then Martinique, with this text we know how these navigators,

in turn buccaneers, traders, hunters, gatherers, planters were organized and began to learn little by little, in contact with the Indians

Caribbean to Antillean nature;

it is thanks (or because of) this experience accumulated for years that the process of colonization will quickly impose.


Fourth Centenary of the arrival of Carpentras Anonymous

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