BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, May 29, 2020 (Press Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister) – Over its five-year term in office, the Team Unity administration has proven that it is a Government that supports the hardworking men and women of St. Kitts and Nevis through the implementation of various projects and policies that fostered the creation of more jobs and many other entrepreneurial opportunities, particularly for the young people.

Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris said this was not by chance, as the symbols of the three political parties that make up the Team Unity coalition – the hat (symbol of the People’s Action Movement), the hammer (symbol of the Nevis-based Concerned Citizens Movement and the saw (symbol of the People’s Labour Party) – symbolize the hardworking spirit of the Kittitian and Nevisian people.

“The symbols of the Team Unity…represent the tools of trade for building a country. Put on your hat to protect you from the hot sun, take your hammer to pound the nail and take your saw to shape it up because we are building a Garden of Eden for every man and woman in St. Kitts and Nevis,” Dr. Harris explained.

Prime Minister Harris noted that it is only with a Team Unity Government will the future of St. Kitts and Nevis be even safer and brighter. He noted that part of his team’s plans for its second term in office is the advancement of the farming and fishing communities in the Federation and the further development of the performing arts for the benefit of the nation’s youth.

“We will have a programme that looks out for the farmers in West Basseterre and fishers in East Basseterre and we will provide them with the necessary support. We will have a programme to help the very talented young people and that is why we have determined that we shall establish a new ministry of entertainment, entrepreneurship and talent development in tribute to our young people, who, over the last couple of weeks, have brought vision and magic to our virtual campaign,” the prime minister added.

It is for reasons such as this, coupled with the outstanding record of achievement over the last five years, why Prime Minister Harris said come Election Day on June 05, the clear choices for the electorate in St. Kitts and Nevis are the hat, hammer and saw symbols that represent the People’s Action Movement, the Concerned Citizens Movement and the People’s Labour Party.