Statement Addressing Dismissal of Washington Archibald High Due to Perceived Electrical Problem Wednesday January 15, 2020

The Ministry of Education made the decision on Wednesday January 15, to dismiss the Washington Archibald High School early in the school day in order to ensure the safety of students and other employees of the school when an electrical problem manifested itself.

The issue arose when persons at the school experienced the smell of smoke in two spaces. There were also crackling sounds on the second level of the school. While there was no actual fire, school authorities felt it best to bring it to the attention of the relevant Education officials who immediately determined early dismissal until the specific issue could be identified and addressed.

As customary the Public Works Department and SKELEC were apprised of the situation and asked to assess the issue. Also collaborating on the issue is the Fire Department which was called to the scene as a precautionary measure.

The ministry continues to do all in its power to ensure that students and other employees of educational institutions in St. Kitts and Nevis are safe and secure. Compliance with the School Safety Policy is of utmost importance and is being adhered to for the good of all involved.

The Ministry thanks the school authorities for their quick response to the safety threat and continues to advise extreme caution in such instances. Specifically staff were commended for executing their emergency plan and for exercising a high degree of professionalism.

The ministry asks parents and guardians to stay tuned to local media to be informed about the reopening of the school as it will remain closed until they are absolutely certain of the safety of the establishment. In anticipation of what may be an onslaught of incorrect information in regards to the reopening of the Washington Archibald High School, the ministry asks that the focus be on Television and Radio Broadcast stations. The information will also be shared on the Education Media Unit page (SKN Education Media Unit).

God Bless!