Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 01, 2020 (SKNIS): While appearing on the May 01 National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) COVID-19 Daily Briefing, Anthony Evelyn, President of the St. Kitts and Nevis Building Contractors Association, gave some sound advice to workmen and women on how to stay safe on the job site during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


We are fully aware that construction is a serious business. It must be done by trained persons with the knowledge, skills and the experience of the various skilled areas. One of the general requirements of the industry is to obey the rules and regulations for health and safety at all times. This is absolutely important in saving lives,” said Mr. Evelyn.


He stated that as the federation’s health professionals, technical workers and others continue to fight the war on COVID-19, construction workers must also do their part.


Let us obey the lifesaving regulations given under the emergency laws by practicing good health and safety at all times,” he said.


Mr. Evelyn said that cement, concrete, saw, sanding, earth and waste way dust will cause sneezing. He encouraged the workers to wear their masks.


The representative also encouraged social distancing on the job-site.


Stay six feet apart from each other when on the job-site. Do not eat in groups during tea breaks and lunch time. Stay six feet apart,” he said.


Mr. Evelyn urged the workmen and women to protect their eyes by wearing goggles. He said they should also protect their hands by wearing gloves when necessary, wear protective footwear, that is, no open-toed shoes and avoid wearing loose clothing as it can be hazardous.


He noted that the workers should avoid using tools from other workers. “If you have to, sanitize your hands after use,” he said.


When travelling to the worksite, workers should avoid sitting in groups and remember to wear their masks.


He said that the workers should not leave the job-site in their working clothes. He added that they should always work safely and protect themselves and others as “the life you’ll save might very well be your own.”


The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and a will to help others as we battle COVID-19,” said Mr. Evelyn.