Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 20, 2018 (SKNIS): While wishing residents and citizens a Happy 35th Anniversary of Independence, Minister of Health, the Honourable Eugene Hamilton, took the occasion to inform the public of the launch of the National Clean-Up Campaign organized by the Solid Waste Management Corporation (SWMC) to be launched on September 21.

“As we celebrate the achievements of our nation’s independence, I am reminded of the opening words of our National Anthem, which simply state, “O Land of Beauty”. Any visitor and certainly any resident of this country would have no doubt, that our two islands of paradise are indeed blessed with the finest qualities of natural beauty,” he said, while noting that residents need to take pride in keeping the country clean.

He shared his concerns about the cleanliness of the city of Basseterre, surrounding communities and public spaces around the island and explained that there have been reports of increased illegal dumping on empty lands and in ghauts that ultimately creates challenges in times of flooding.

“Over the years, we have all seen how our towns, villages and our own residential spaces, suffered from indiscriminate dumping and accumulation of garbage. As individuals, without thinking and without care, we have been known to deposit litter on our streets resulting in our drains becoming clogged,” he said.

Minister Hamilton outlined that the some of the objectives of the Clean Up initiative are to create a cleaner environment for public health, build stronger community relations, instill greater national and community spirit, and maintain beautiful spaces in public facilities.

“All of this effort, ties in beautifully with our independence theme for this year, which is Love, Service, Patriotism and Pride- Independence 35,” he noted.

The National Clean-Up Campaign will run for an eight (8) week period and will cover all the communities throughout the island of St. Kitts commencing from Sandy Point to Central Basseterre.

He also said that from October 01 to December 31, 2018 there will be an amnesty for the disposal of all derelict vehicles and parts to the Land Fill Site. Persons will not be charged for the disposal of these items.

The minister applauded the Board of Directors at the Solid Waste Management Corporation for these initiatives and said that they will reap great benefits for the nation.

“I take this opportunity to applaud the Board of Directors and Management of the Solid Waste Management Corporation for their leadership in spearheading this important campaign that will derive great benefits to our people and for our nation,” he said.