On Sunday February 9th, 2020, the Hon Vance Amory, Minister of Social Security, the Board, Management,  Retired  and  current  Staff  of  the  St. Christopher and Nevis Social Security Board joined in worship with the congregation of the Calvary Baptist Church in Sandy Point to commemorate the 42nd anniversary of the Social Security Fund.


A highlight of the Board’s involvement in the morning’s service was a presentation by Social Security which was introduced by Public Relations Manager, Ms. Kamilah Lawrence who took the opportunity to underscore the importance of Social Security not only through payment of benefits but through its various arms of economic development and social protection; including annual donations to healthcare, education, national


security  and funding  of capital projects. Ms. Lawrence, then invited, recently appointed Director, Mr. Antonio Maynard to make brief comments.


The Director, thanked the congregation for their support to Social Security and for the continued prayers of the church to be able uphold the tenets of the respected organization. Mr. Maynard then presented a token of appreciation to Reverend Dr. Calvin Hazel to support the work of the church.


Board Member, Ms. Jenifer Williams delivered the New Testament Reading from the book of Romans Chapter 8, verses 10 to 31.


The Board expresses thanks to the people of the Federation for their support over the past 42 years and pledges its commitment to provide meaningful benefits to all eligible persons, guaranteed by sound financial management and efficient administration.


May God continue to bless the Institution for generations to come.