S.E.A Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Social and Educational Association (S.E.A.) To Celebrate 50 Years since Inauguration Fifty years ago, in July of 1969, a group called the Social and Educational Association (S.E.A.) was formed in St. Kitts. Its members engaged in social and educational activities and community outreach, with special focus on personal and youth development.

Over time, some members migrated but maintained close and enduring contact with those who remained at home. Many of these overseas-based individuals will be returning home to join with the local contingent to celebrate 50 years since the inauguration of the organization.

A programme of activities is being planned to commemorate this significant milestone, centred around the theme “S.E.A. at 50: Celebrating, Contributing, Reminiscing,” which captures the essential nature of the Anniversary. More information will be given subsequently.