Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport St. Kitts Meteorological Services St. Christopher Air & Sea Port Authority

Urgent – Marine Weather Message

Small Craft Warning
Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services
8:25 PM Thursday 9 January 2020
Small craft warning is in effect for the waters of Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis and the
rest of the Leeward Islands
and the British Virgin Islands.
Hazardous seas, due to strong winds resulting from a very tight pressure gradient, are expected to
be an extreme threat to the life and property of mariners.
Winds: East-northeast at 30 to 44 km/h (16 to 24 knots, 18 to 28 mph), gusting to gale-force or
around 65km/h (35 knots, 40 mph).
Waves/seas: 2 to over 4 metres or 7 to 14 feet, occasionally reaching over 5 metres or 18 feet.
Dominant wave period is 8 to 11 seconds.
Locations (to be) affected: Mainly open waters, especially on the Atlantic, eastern or windward
side of the islands.
Timing: Until Wednesday.
Impacts (possible/likely/expected): Loss of life; injuries; sea search and rescue disruptions;
disruptions to sea transportation; scarcity of sea food; damage or loss of boats and fishing
equipment; disruptions to marine recreation and businesses and economic losses.
Precautionary/preparedness actions: A small craft warning means that wind speeds, in this case,
of 41km/h or higher (22 knots or higher) and or wind waves and or wind swells of 9 feet or greater
are expected to produce hazardous wave conditions to small crafts.
Small craft operators should stay in port and
safeguard their vessels.
Please continue to monitor.
Dale Destin/Forecaster (Antigua Met Services)