Basseterre, St. Kitts, January 18, 2020 (RSCNPF): Reverend Marcia Tomlinson admonished Officers in Division ‘C’ to execute their duties as public servants with three characteristics in mind that signify an excellent spirit .

These three characteristics are integrity, discipline and respect. She said this while addressing the Officers at the recent New Year’s Celebration Service that took place at the Charlestown Police Station. She broke down the three characteristics in detail and encouraged the Officers to develop an excellent spirit like Daniel in the Bible by reminding them of their purpose as coined in the Force’s Mission Statement.

She started with integrity and said that, “If police and the community are going to take back the society, we must be people of integrity. Integrity is being man or woman enough to declare the truth even when it hurts or offends. Integrity is showing up to work on time and giving a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay…Never mind that sometimes you may be overworked, underpaid and not appreciated. Integrity is carrying out your work diligently and with a sense of pride.”

Secondly, she noted that discipline and commitment are pertinent if Officers are to carry out their jobs without fear or favour, and with impartiality as quoted in the Police Mission Statement.

“If Police and the community are going to take back the society, then you must be prepared to be true to your mission and carry out your work fearlessly, not mercilessly and without favour and impartiality. The society must see that there is equality for all as far as the law is concerned. Be committed to something or you will fall for anything,” stated Reverend Tomlinson.

Thirdly, the Reverend urged the officers to respect one another, respect those in authority and most importantly respect those whom they serve.

“If you respect the people you serve, I’m sure the people you serve will respect you in return. You must respect the uniform…Respect goes beyond the times that you are in uniform…. remember who you are outside of wearing the uniform. When you uphold the law, you earn respect. If police and the community are going to take back the society, there must be respect on both sides.”

Reverend Tomlinson also reminded the Police of their duty to preserve confidentiality and protect the identity of persons who may volunteer information. She lauded the Officers for their hard work and dedication in 2019 and urged them to continue improving their service in 2020.

“My prayer for all of you is that as you go throughout 2020 you will walk in integrity, you will be disciplined and committed to what you have signed up for and that you will be respected…and then I believe the ground work will be laid and the foundation strengthened for much to be accomplished…the results can only be a better society.”