Peter Greenberg Airs St. Kitts Feature on PBS and CBS

As some of you may know, acclaimed TV and Radio host Peter Greenberg recently visited St. Kitts to film his “Hidden Gems” TV Show that will air in the coming months on PBS stations across the US and to record a radio broadcast for his nationally syndicated “Eye on Travel” radio show on CBS.

The St. Kitts Tourism Authority is pleased to inform you that you can now click here to listen to the radio broadcast from the St. Kitts Marriott Resort. The radio broadcast includes interviews with several prominent local personalities, including:

  • Loushan Dickson, Senior News Reporter for St. Kitts Nevis Observer
  • O’Neil Mulraine, Rainforest Tourist Champion
  • Leonard Stapleton, Saint Kitts and Nevis Historian
  • Allison Spencer, Founder and Owner of SpratNet
  • Victoria O’Flaherty, Director of Archives at the St. Kitts National Archives

The Peter Greenberg Worldwide “Eye on Travel” Radio show is a 3-hour weekend program airing on 119 stations across the US, reaching a combined 1.3 million listeners weekly.

As the site and much of the subject matter for the broadcast, excellent publicity was generated for the destination.