Notice: Job Vacancies Listed at the Labour Department

Interested persons are kindly asked to visit the Department of Labour on the 1st floor of the Ursula Amory Building on Victoria Road, to apply for several vacancies that exist within several companies.

The full time positions being advertised are for a Water Sport Operator, a Driver, Sales Executive, Technician/Machinist, Diesel Mechanics, Marketing Agent, Customer Service Representatives, Stevedores, Elderly Care Assistants, Replenisher, Office Clerk, Kitchen Assistants/ Helper and Produce Worker. Applications are also invited for Prep Workers, Housekeeping Attendant, Assembly Operator, Welders, Senior Administrative Officer, Bartender, Seamstress/Tailor and Carpenter/Mason

Part time vacancies are available for Cleaners, Cooks, and Sales Persons.

For additional information telephone: 467-2071, 762-1029 or 662-2075.