(EMU) – St. Kitts, October 4, 2017: Over twenty-five new recruits to the teaching profession began sessions that will help prepare them to take control of their classrooms from the outset.


“There is nothing like stepping into a classroom for the first time and seeing 25 sets of eyes staring back at you,” stated Mr. Sylvester Charles, chairperson of the opening ceremony for the Ministry of Education’s In-Service Training for new school teachers on Tuesday October 03. “In the face of the daunting experience of facing a full classroom of students Mr. Charles said the ministry organized the course for new teachers to assist them in overcoming the associated anxieties.


Deputy Chief Education Officer, Darryll Lloyd, further emphasized the view that the In Service Training would enhance work performance and motivation of new teachers.


“It is designed to assist you to thoroughly plan and develop your work. It is the ministry’s wish that you become conscious of strategies for change. Ultimately it is our hope that the training will form an integral part of the Schools’ Instructional Development Programme which will incorporate class visits by principals and education officers.”


Mr Lloyd outlined that the In Service Training would take place on a weekly basis from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Ministry of Educations Conference Room located at the Irish Town Primary School. He added that participation was mandatory and that it would run the course of a year following which, successful participants would receive certificates. Participants not meeting the requirements for certification would repeat the course in the following school year.


Featured speaker and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Mr. William Hodge challenged participants. “Engage your facilitators and instructors, ask questions, exercise critical thinking skills and don’t be afraid to share your ideas, stated Mr. Hodge, as he encouraged them to implement strategies that they would be exposed to over the course of the year as they return to their classrooms.


Commenting on the Education Sector Strategy Theme: Education For All; Embracing Change; Securing the Future; Mr. Hodge explained that the new teachers were chosen after participating in a preservice training workshop earlier this year because of the potential they exhibited. He urged them to keep the theme in mind as they proceeded on the journey, advising that they are expected to avail themselves to be “rejuvenated, challenged and to receive food for the journey.”


The Permanent Secretary expressed faith in the team of experienced principals and education officers who were chosen to facilitate the year of training activities. He said he expected them to be able to hone the skills of these who had shown such great potential to be good teachers; classroom managers; role models and great leaders.”


Additionally, Mr. Hodge labelled their role as critical as he admonished participants to recognize the enormous responsibility they have in “educating the nation’s children; shaping minds; inculcating values and fashioning attitudes.”


Sessions will cover Child Development; Lesson Planning; Teaching Aids; Methodology; Demonstrations; Social and Reflection. Instructional approaches will be in the form of lectures; power point presentations; simulations; group projects, discussions; case studies; problem–based learning and collaborative learning.


Assignments will be completed and graded by facilitators. This will be followed by evaluation by way of quizzes, written papers, research, group work, oral presentations and classroom observation.


The Ministry of Education hopes that within two years, each participant would enrol in the programme of Teacher Education at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College for further development.