Music Festival chairman says patrons will have improved experience

A redesigned layout for the 2018 St. Kitts Music Festival was completed and shown to media representatives, as the Music Festival Chairman affirmed commitment to making the experience better for patrons.

Speaking to the news media on 17th April, 2018, at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium, where the festival will be held, Chairman Hobson said, We redesigned the entire layout of the park – the entrance, where the bars are going to be located, the stage location and angle. We expect a much better feel for patrons attending the St. Kitts Music Festival.

According to Chairman Robert Morris, of the Logistics Committee, the new stage location will be west of the cricket pitch and closer to the Players Pavilion. It will face a southernly direction.

This gives us the opportunity to better enhance the patron experience,Morris said, adding that several logistical changes will also reduce the general impact of Music Festival on the grounds of the cricket stadium.

Chairman Hobson also updated on several other Music Festival related matters, touching first on online ticket sales.

Since the release of the entire roaster of artistes in February, online ticket sales have been going very well.Hobson said, indicating also that sponsor for the event are still coming on board. The chairman believes that by the end of April, the entire list of sponsors could be released.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary Stanley Knight, of the Ministry of Sports, said the use of the grass mats acquired late 2017 has been of tremendous help in protecting the cricket outfield.

Used during Carnival for the first time with great effect, he said, the same will now be applied to the Music Festival, where all of the stage, tents and other structures will be placed over the mats.

The advantage is the short turn-around time for preparing the venue for the next series of cricket matches.

It is an exciting partnership, a learning partnership,Knight said, as he indicated also the importance of training in venue preparations.

Meanwhile, Hobson indicted that his team is dedicated toward delivering a top quality experience for patrons, while meeting other objectives set out for the Committee.

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