Independence Theme Competition 2019 Winner Selected

(EMU) – St. Kitts, July 21, 2019: A winner has been chosen for the Independence Theme Competition 2019.

Chairman of the Independence Organizing Committee Permanent Secretary Mr. William Hodge made the call to inform the unsuspecting winner.

Cue In:          “Did you submit some entries for the Independence…

Cue Out:       …Unify, Transform, Enrich, Uplifting Communities for Independence 36!

Winner of the Competition Trevis Belle shared with the equally surprised Permanent Secretary of Education that he is a student from West Bourne Ghaut in St. Kitts currently studying in the United States.

Cue In:          “Where are you going to school?..I am currently pursuing

Cue Out:       … when you come back..that is what I was hoping..I would love that.”

The Independence Celebration Coordination chair congratulated Mr Belle again assuring him that the Committee would be in further contact with him.

Preview attachment independaence theme winer ….mp4