IICA Grenada donates safety equipment to the Mirabeau Abattoir

2020 will be the year where a Livestock Strategy will be developed for the Livestock Sector in Grenada

St George’s, March 12, 2020 (IICA) – The staff at the Mirabeau Abattoir are safer in their workplace thanks to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), first aid materials, disinfectants and sanitizers donated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) Delegation in Grenada.

IICA has immense contribution to Grenada’s agricultural development and rural well-being, through international technical cooperation of excellence. Over the last two years, IICA has focused on operationalizing the Mirabeau Abattoir, as most of its support has been thrown into the proper operation of the facility.

IICA conducted a thorough assessment of the abattoir in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, strengthened the capacity of the staff in food safety, and assisted in the mobilization of resources to strengthen the capacity of staff and to replace ageing equipment.

First aid material, specialized boots, coats, gloves, disinfectants and sanitizers were among the supplies and materials donated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands during a short ceremony last week.

“IICA has been supporting Grenada for a long, long time and since I came into the Ministry, the amount of support we have had through training and other things, IICA has shown its true spirit of friendship to Grenada and we are delighted to get all these things from IICA, so that it can help you to do your work better”, said Minister Bain-Horsford to the Staff at the Mirabeau Abattoir.

Having responsibility for Livestock in the Ministry, Acting Chief Veterinary and Livestock Officer, Kimond Cummings, said: “Over the years IICA has been supportive, and we at the Ministry would like to say thank you to IICA for the continuous support and we are looking forward to working with you as we move forward.”

National Specialist for IICA in Grenada, Derek Charles, stated that the equipment and materials donated were part of the IICA Hemispheric Agriculture Health and Food Safety Programme that was implemented in Grenada in 2019.

 “I am delighted to be here to see so many things being given again by IICA; IICA is a true friend.” These were the words expressed by Minister for Agriculture and Lands, Yolande-Bain Horsford, as she accepted from IICA, on behalf of the Ministry, the PPE and the cleaning and first aid materials for use by the staff of the Mirabeau Abattoir.

“Occupational safety and health is very important to the staff at the Abattoir. Without the staff at the Abattoir, it cannot function. We have not had an Abattoir like this before, where we had trained staff, you are the ones we are depending on and we value the work that you do and that is why we have purchased the personal protective equipment to ensure your safety in the workplace”, said Charles.

As IICA continues to throw its support into the functioning of the Mirabeau Abattoir, Charles noted, 2020 will be the year where a Livestock Strategy will be developed for the Livestock Sector in Grenada.

Remarks from the Minister of Agriculture and Lands,Yolande Bain-Horsford; the chief veterinary officer, Dr Kimond Cummings; and the IICA’s specialist in Grenada, Derek Charles (VIDEO):

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