History and Heritage Walk Traces Emancipation Journey

St. Christopher National Trust (Friday, February 10, 2018): The National Trust is gearing up to host its popular annual History and Heritage Walk fundraiser. The event is part of History and Heritage Month Activities, which are this year being celebrated under the theme: “History and heritage: A conduit to ‘Full’ Emancipation.”

This year, the ‘Journey to Emancipation’ Walk takes trekkers from Golden Rock to Shadwell Estate, ending at Buckley’s. Walkers will learn about the pivotal role that Golden Rock played in the Emancipation of enslaved people on the island, and they will hear about the lives of the people in the decades following emancipation, including the construction of the central sugar factory in 1912.

The walk will end in Buckley’s Yard where 100 years after Emancipation, workers stood up against oppression and refused to work. The subsequent three-day strike changed the course of the island’s history and precipitated definitive steps toward improved workers’ rights.

The ‘Journey to Emancipation’ walk begins at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday February 17th from Golden Rock at the airport control tower. Transportation will be provided from the National Trust (Old Treasury Building) on the Bay road, departing at 6:15.