Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 31, 2017 (SKNIS): While the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis explores renewable energy alternatives that will result in lower costs for the supplier and consumer in the future, Bertill Browne, Director of the Energy Unit in the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, provided tips for ways persons could see a reduction in their next electricity bill.


Speaking on the radio programme ‘Working for You’ on August 30, Mr. Browne shared tips for persons whose houses or businesses are outfitted with air conditioning units.


“There are a number of persons [who] have air conditioning units and those are probably the highest users of electricity, so my advice to them is if you have an air conditioning unit you lock it off if you’re not there. Don’t turn it so that it’s too cold, just [so] that you’re comfortable because the colder you make it the more energy it would burn, so wise use of the air conditioning unit if you have air conditioning…is a big part,” Mr. Browne said.


He also encouraged persons to purchase energy efficient appliances, especially refrigerators, saying that “they are more expensive, but over time you save the money.” 


Changing the type of light bulbs used in one’s home can also make a big difference.  “For example, [regarding] the light bulbs to use, the ministry is still distributing the lights that use [Light Emitting Diodes] (LED), those are much more efficient, they burn less energy, so if you have fluorescent and incandescent lights in your home get them changed out for free. So they could come to the ministry and get new lamps and change out what’s in their homes that could reduce the lighting portion of their electricity bill,” according to the Energy Unit Director.