Preparing for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season involves a number of actions that link the resources of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to the many stakeholders that support the management of disasters, in the Federation. This is according to Deputy National Disaster Coordinator (DNDC), Mrs. Claricia Langley-Stevens, who has embarked on an aggressive audit to strengthen mitigation efforts of Disaster Management, beginning late last year.


“We can’t afford to allow lessons learned, especially after we would have identified gaps coming out of last year,” she has said, “to fall to the wayside. Anything that can be improved we need to improve.”


In her effort to strengthen public and private sector collaboration throughout the Season and beyond, Mrs. Langley-Stevens has been meeting with a number of NGOs on an ongoing basis. On 24th April, a meeting was forged between the NEMA and Flow, to explore potential alliances in emergency messaging, particularly, during the emergency situations to include the Hurricane Season.


“In order to define common ground and to share our combined duty to keep our communities updated and protected, it is our responsibility to connect the dots, if you will and we are thankful for our relationship with those businesses who accept our call to action,” Mrs. Langley-Stevens said.


Sharisma Patrick, Flow’s Marketing Manager said that she was happy to meet with the agency to assist in it’s remit to keep communities safe through education and awareness while building resilience.


The DNDC was supported in the meeting by Vesta Southwell, Public Relations Officer and Lejon James, Tedchnician (IT).


Vesta I. Southwell

Public Relations Officer