Coconut Cook Off Finalists Revealed

BASSETERRE(10TH APRIL, 2019): The organizing committee of the 2019 St. Kitts & Nevis Restaurant Week have revealed the finalists for the Coconut Cook Off Challenge.

The 5th Annual SKN Restaurant Week will take place from the 18th to 27th July with coconut being the themed ingredient. Local chefs will prepare various coconut dishes, including deserts and beverages. Also during that period participating restaurants throughout the Federation will offer a special Restaurant Week menu at discount prices.

Left to Right Finalists of the entree category from Coconut Cook Off Challenge: Cean Henry of the Royal St. Kitts Hotel; Leshona Davis of Carambola Beach Club, and Larry Monrose of the Royal St. Kitts Hotel.
Finalists of the Entree Category

  • Leshona Davis, Carambola Beach Club, Panseared lion fish with a lime coconut sauce
  • Larry Monrose, Royal St. Kitts Hotel, Coconut steamed fish with local provisions in coconut herb broth
  • Cean Henry, Royal St. Kitts Hotel, Coconut crusted lamb rack, coconut polenta
Left to Right Finalists of the beverage category from the Coconut Cook Off Challenge: Roshaun McKenzie of Carambola Beach Club; Stacie Little of the Ocean Terrace Inn and Garry Ogardo of the Royal St. Kitts Hotel.
Finalists of the Beverage Category
  • Stacie Little, Ocean Terrace Inn, Coco Loco
  • Roshaun McKenzie, Ocean Terrace Inn, Coconut Mint
  • Garry Ogardo, Royal St. Kitts Hotel, Royal Cocolado
Overall winners for the dessert and appetizer categories are as follows:
Shaquille Daniel was declared the winner of the appetizer category after having the highest score out of three participants.
  • Winner: Shaquille Daniel, Carambola Beach Club, Coconut Polenta Bites stuffed with coconut curry shrimp
Left to Right Winner and First Runner Up of the dessert category for the Coconut Cook Off Challenge: Teresa Clarke of Carambola Beach Club and Tzulao Collins of the Royal St. Kitts Hotel.
  • Winner: Teresa Clarke, Carambola Beach Club, Coconut Lemon grass cheesecake with sugar basket wafer, coconut Chantilly in coconut coffee and strawberry sauce
  • 1st Runner up: Tzulao Collins, Royal St. Kitts Hotel, Royal Custard
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