Celebration of “World Food Safety Day”

Today, Friday June 7, 2019, is being celebrated as the First (1st) ever World Food Safety Day.
The theme for today’s celebration is; “Food Safety, Everyone’s Business”.

Everyone has a right to access sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food to ensure good
health. Consumption of contaminated food can cause foodborne diseases which mainly affect
children, and negatively impacts socio-economic development. Food safety is critical for public
health and is essential for maintaining the gains in the tourism sector.

The Environmental Health Department in the Ministry of Health wishes to inform the public
about the following measures:

1- All food establishments must be inspected and certified by the Environmental Health
Department before they become operational;

2- Each establishment must maintain health and safety standards and provide wholesome
foods to ensure annual recertification;

3- All food handlers must obtain a valid food handler’s permit from the Environmental
Health Department before they can offer and provide food related services;

4- All food handlers have a responsibility to provide safe food to the general population of
St. Kitts and Nevis; and

5- All foodborne diseases should be reported to the Environmental Health Department,
Basseterre Health Center, Connell Street, Basseterre or the Ministry of Health, Bladen’s
Commercial Development, Wellington Road, Basseterre.

Food safety is everyone’s business.

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