CCRIF Invites Applications for 2019 Scholarships and Internships – Deadline June 2

CCRIF Invites Applications for 2019 Scholarships and Internships:

As the deadline approaches, we request that you again publicize the CCRIF scholarship and internship programmes that are available to Caribbean nationals. Also, we ask that you distribute this information to your employees and stakeholders through your usual communications channels e.g. website, Facebook, e-newsletters, in-house notices etc.

Thank you.

CCRIF Scholarship Programme

Provides scholarships to individuals to pursue a masters degree in hazard/disaster related disciplines at Caribbean universities (other than UWI) as well as institutions the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Deadline: June 2 2019.


CCRIF-UWI Scholarship Programme

Provides scholarships to students at UWI for undergraduate and post-graduate study in fields such as natural resource management, climate change, meteorology, geography/geology and civil/environmental engineering

Deadline: June 2 2019


Regional Internship Programme

Provides opportunities for university graduates who have specialized in the areas of disaster risk management, environmental management, actuarial science, geography, climate studies and other similar areas to be assigned to national and regional organizations for practical work assignments. Deadline June 2 2019. 

For more information, contact