Persons have been calling the NEMA with regard to a report that is currently in circulation regarding imminent weather in the Federation.


The NEMA is reminding individuals and residents that the competent authority for weather in St. Kitts and Nevis is the St. Kitts Meteorological Services which can be reached by calling 465-2749. When a Weather Bulletin is issued, it is produced using a Forecast by Antigua and Barbuda Met Services and disseminated to the St. Kitts Meteorological Services and NEMA. In order to make the technical information included in the Bulletin user-friendly, the NEMA may include relevant preparedness and preventive steps to be taken by the public, in relation to the impact.


IF THERE IS AN ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITION OR ALERT, the information would be shared with the public by the Antigua and Barbuda Met Services, St. Kitts Meteorological Services, the NEMA or all three agencies in order to protect residents and communities from hazardous conditions or impact. Again, we remind all consumers to beware of false or malicious posts emanating from incompetent bloggers or persons with ulterior motives who cannot be controlled or reprimanded by the Disaster Management Agency. If in doubt about any impending hazard or storm related activity that might affect St. Kitts-Nevis, please remember to call the Met Office at 465-2749, first. They are the local competent authority with the remit of interpreting forecast and disseminating them.


Vesta I. Southwell

Public Relations Officer

28th December, 2018