Brimstone Hill Society Elects New Council of Management

Standing (left-right): Viola Jacobs, Africa Mills, Greg Pereira (Greg’s Safaris), Basil Woods, Anthony
Wiltshire, Toni Frederick-Armstrong, Walford Gumbs. Sitting (left-right): David Lake, Michael Morton,
Schneidman Warner. Absent: Regiwell Francis (Telca Marina), Michael Martin, Garth Wilkin

(Brimstone Hills Fortress National Park Society) Friday, May 2nd 2019: The newly elected
Management Council of the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society is planning to roll out
a number of ambitious initiatives over the coming year, with an emphasis on restoration,
preservation and modernization.On Tuesday evening (April 30th April 2019) the Society hosted its first Annual General Meeting
since the passing of President Sir Probyn Innis in 2017. Former Vice-President Mr. D. Michael
Morton C.B.E., J.P. was elected unopposed as the new President of the Management Council.
The President serves for a three-year term. All other members of Council – who will serve for
one year – were elected unopposed.

Mr. David Lake who sat on the previous Council as a Corporate Member, was elected Vice
President. Mr. Schneidman Warner was re-elected to the post of Honorary Treasurer. Ms Toni
Frederick-Armstrong and Mr. Garth Wilkin were elected as Governor Members and Mr. Basil
Woods and Mr. Walford Gumbs O.B.E. Ordinary Member Representatives.
Greg Pereira of Greg’s Safaris and Regiwell Francis of St. Kitts Marine Works were elected as
Corporate Member Representatives and Mr. Africa Mills as Student Member Representative.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Viola Jacobs and Mr. Anthony Wiltshire were returned as Government
Representatives. Immediately following the election of the new Board, Mr. Michael Martin J.P.
was again appointed as Honorary Secretary (Ex Officio) by the Board and the firm Pannell Kerr
Forster as Auditors for another term.

Tuesday night’s AGM began with a minute of silence for the late Sir Probyn Innis who had
served as President of the Council for 12 years. Chairing the Meeting, Mr. Michael Morton paid
tribute to Sir Probyn, acknowledging his years of dedicated service to the organization which
included the establishment of History and Heritage Month of Activities. To honour his
contribution, the History and Heritage Month Primary Schools Quiz Trophy has been named the
Sir Probyn Innis Trophy and the Lecture that’s held as part of the activities has been dubbed the
Sir Probyn Innis Memorial Lecture.

Mrs. Gloria Wilkin, another long-serving member of Council, was also recognized during the
meeting following the announcement that she would be stepping down from standing for
election. Mrs. Wilkin, who gave 35 years of continuous voluntary service to the organization,
was presented with a plaque by the Governor General, Sir S.W. Tapley Seaton G.C.M.G., C.V.O.,
Q.C., J.P., former Vice-President of the Society.

Prior to the election of the new Management Council, Mr. Morton – who has been at the helm
of the Council since Sir Probyn’s passing, presented the President’s Report; the Treasurer’s and
Auditors Reports were also presented. Members discussed the challenges and opportunities
facing the organization and President Morton has indicated that he and his team would be
moving quickly on new initiatives. The executive management is comprised of Mr. Percival
Hanley as General Manager, Ms. Tessa Isaac as Operations Manager and Mr. Joseph Woodley
as Park Manager.

The Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society is a membership organization incorporated
under the Companies Act and was founded in 1965 for the main purpose of restoring,
preserving and managing the historic Brimstone Hill Fortress.
The Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a 17th and 18th-century military complex
designed by the British and built by African slave labour. The centuries-old fortress is testimony
to European colonial expansion, the African slave trade and the emergence of new societies in
the Caribbean.


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