The National Emergency Management Agency


Greetings Everyone:
In keeping with NEMA’s ongoing preparedness programmes, I am calling on all residents to embrace the culture of comprehensive disaster management by taking steps to mitigate the impact of hazards on your lives and your property.

One of the ways we can accomplish this is by ensuring that your premises, or any other property within your community, remains free of materials that may become missiles in high winds.In recognising their corporate responsibility, the Solid Waste Management Corporation (SWMC) is strategically positioning bins in communities to assist with personal and communal clean-up efforts. The bins are provided FREE of cost and we commend their disaster risk reduction countermeasure, which is being done in the interest of public safety.

I am therefore encouraging ALL residents to capitalise on programmes that provide resources to communities and are accessible by all.

In addition, NEMA is collaborating with Her Majesty’s Prison to provide Tree Trimming assistance to individuals. Please call 466-5100 to find out how to participate on the programme.

I also take this opportunity to invite members of our corporate community to partner with us on our mission to build resiliency within communities, through preparedness. For more information on how to enable this partnership, please contact NEMA at 466-5100 or by email at
May God continue to bless and protect our Nation.

Abdias Samuel
National Disaster Coordinator.