Water Supply Interruption – Basseterre, Bird Rock, Half Moon and South East Peninsula


Water consumers are asked to note that the rationing of water during the hours 10pm to 5am daily will be reinstituted in Basseterre, Bird Rock, Half Moon and the South East Peninsula effective Monday 19 March 2018.

We are in the middle of the Dry Season and have experienced a precipitous reduction in inflows from our surface water sources and storage in our wells

We encourage consumers to observe the following measures that will help mitigate this intense dry period.
• All residents, Government and private institutions should make the repair of leaks a priority
• Persons without cisterns should explore purchasing large storage containers (500 gal. or more)
• Businesses should implement a water management contingency plan which should involve daily monitoring of water meters
• Government should ensure that critical institutions (hospitals, schools) have onsite standby water storage receptacles, based on vulnerability
• No washing of vehicles with water hoses
• Mandatory no watering of grass
• Strict monitoring of standpipes
• Fine or disconnection of service for violation of above, where applicable
• No water to Cruise Vessels
The Water Services Department apologizes for any inconvenience in the interruption of service. Consumers are asked to continue to be vigilant and contact the Water Services Department at 465-8000 or 467 1447 for any other related concerns.