Who Will Be The Next  Junior of Minister of Tourism?

BASSETERRE(16TH FEB., 2018): The Ministry of Tourism has begun to prepare a group of high school students to be the next Junior Minister of Tourism.

The first training session for the Tourism Youth Congress was held on February 15th, 2018 at the Ministry of Tourism.

The Tourism Youth Congress is a public speaking competition that is targeted towards high school students between the ages of 14 to 17 years old. Participants are required to research various aspects of the tourism sector and reveal their vision for tourism by delivering a compelling presentation for judges and an audience as they vie for the title of “Junior Minister of Tourism.”

Training Sessions are aimed at coaching students with research techniques, organization of presentation material and public speaking skills.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Carlene Henry-Morton, pointed out that the Tourism Youth Congress helps to prepare students to meet the demands of a fast-growing and competitive tourism industry.

“The tourism industry is the driver of our economy, and so it is indeed critical that our youths make deliberate and serious efforts to understand and appreciate the relevance and impact of Tourism on our present, on our future and on our economy,” Henry-Morton said.

Left to right: Assistant Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism, Diannille Taylor-Williams and Projects Officer at the Ministry of Tourism, Miranda Francis.
The winner of the 2018 Tourism Youth Congress competition will go on to compete against other regional junior ministers at the Caribbean Tourism Youth Congress, which is scheduled to be held in the Bahamas at the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s State of the Industry Conference.

The Caribbean Tourism Youth Congress is aimed at giving youths a voice on the same issues that the heads of their Tourism Authorities address. In this way, they are able to discuss issues of regional importance from a youth point of view and are encouraged to be a part of the sustainability of their islands