Community Notice: Vacancies from the Labour Department


The Department of Labour is inviting persons to come in to its office on the 2nd floor of the Treasury Chambers Building on the corner of Church and Central Street, to apply to fill a number of vacancies that exist within several companies.

The positions being advertised are news reporter, wholesale attendants, cashiers, bartender, cook, kitchen helper, cleaner, pastry chef, baker, sales girl, and salesman (must have a driver’s license). Applications are also invited for welders, mechanic, metal supervisor, manicurist and pedicurist, hairdresser, audit manager, pest control operator, production workers, upholstery worker, maintenance/general helper, welcoming embassador (part time), land surveyor, pharmacy assistant, and pressers.

For additional information telephone 467-1100 or 2068 or cellphone 662-2075.