Minister Richards Presents SKN Slave Route Text: Places of Memory" to Director of the Division for UNESCO World Heritage Sector


(NATCOM)Basseterre, 14 November, 2017: On the fringes of the UNESCO 39th
General Conference, Minister Richards presented the St. Kitts-Nevis Slave Route Text,
entitled, "Places of Memory" to Mrs. Mechtild Rossler, Director of the Division for
UNESCO World Heritage Sector.
“The Places of Memory” Book was officially launched at a ceremony at Government
House on Tuesday (May 09) and celebrated as an outstanding “visual documentary”
of the history of St. Kitts and Nevis expressed by a citizen of the federation.

The 141 page publication was a collaborative venture between historian, author and
researcher Leonard Stapleton and the National Commission for UNESCO and highlights
various sites across the federation associated with “The Experiences and
Contributions of the Enslaved Africans in St. Kitts and Nevis.”
The book focusses on historical sites and ruins around St Kitts and Nevis where African
ancestors achieved outstanding feats in strength; engineering and tenacity which have
often gone unheralded. A few of the sites included are the Brimstone Hill Fortress
National Park, and Romney Manor in St. Kitts and the Old Bath House or Cottle Church in
Nevis all of which have withstood major hurricanes and other natural disasters,
testimony to the abilities of African forefathers.

Vibrant pictures emphasize four themes: Adaptation and Survival, Resistance and Revolt,
Human Rights, and Productivity and Contribution.
The collaboration of the National Commission for UNESCO with the production of this
book is one of which Secretary General Mr. Antonio Maynard is especially proud given
the mandate of the Commission to ensure that the Federation’s system of Education
gives a well-rounded and comprehensive account of the history of the Federation.
It was specified that the content be appealing to school aged children and adults alike.

Places of Memory
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Culture, Honourable Shawn
Richards, said on presenting the book to the UNESCO official that he was gratified by
UNESCO’s continued support of programmes that promote historical awareness adding
that the book which has been made available for use in schools is certainly influencing
the nation’s youth in a positive manner.
Hundreds of copies were printed by the Ministry of Education for distribution to the
primary and secondary schools.