Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 31, 2017 (SKNIS): Two weeks of positive learning and experiences at the Department of Youth Empowerment’s 34th Annual Summer Residential Camp were reinforced at the camp banquet by the Governor General’s Deputy, Michael Morton, and his wife Cynthia Morton.

The banquet was the final activity of the July 16-30 camp and was held on July 29 at Government House. Mr. and Mrs. Morton presided over the social function in the absence of Governor General, His Excellency Sir S. W. Tapley Seaton, who is off island. After hearing from some of the campers on what they learnt over the course of the two weeks, the couple felt compelled to share their impression.

Mr. Morton was the first to speak, who once again welcomed the more than 200, eight to 16 year old children and their dorm leaders to Government House. Earlier, he greeted each person individually as he or she arrived.

“Our Governor General is very, very interested in the development of young people,” Mr. Morton stated, “Hence his decision to host you tonight must be seen as his continued interest in not only in what you have been doing during the last two weeks but an indication that he is fully supportive of the total development of all young people from all walks of life.”

The governor general’s deputy commended the leadership and staff of the Department of Youth Empowerment for organizing another successful camp; the volunteers for their dedicated service; and the various facilitators.

“But I now ask you, to ensure that you take away from this camp, all that they have imparted; all they have implored you to do, and to make them proud,” Mr. Morton stated, encouraging the campers to soar for their goals.

Similarly, Mrs. Morton expressed confidence that if the young people were to hold fast to the developmental messages and experiences covered during camp they will become successful and productive leaders in society.

“Our country needs you and I know you will step up to the plate,” she stated, noting that the keys to success are rooted in three words that begin with the letter C.

The first was courage; courage to say no to antisocial influences, to negative persons, to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. The second C stood for commitment. The banquet guests were implored to “stay committed to what they know they can achieve and I assure you that whatever you want to be you can do that,” Mrs. Morton shared. The final C was highlighted as Christ – for without Christ we can achieve nothing … and with Christ, all things are possible,” explained Mrs. Morton.

The evening’s guests applauded Mr. and Mrs. Morton for their spontaneous contributions and pledged to move forward in life with the three Cs in mind.

The campers departed the camp site at the Beach Allen Primary School the following morning (Sunday, July 30) and returned to their respective homes.