Memorial Fund Established at the St. Christopher Children Home

Mr. Carty, Funeral Director of the Eastern Benevolent Society Funeral Home, Linda Hadi-Williams, St. Christopher Children's Home (SCCH) Board of Directors, Mrs. Kenrick Jeffers, Kym Taylor, Board Chair SCCH, Susan Hodge, Secretary SCCH and Margaret Stevens, Administrator SCCH.

Mrs.​ Anastasia ​Jeffers, established a Memorial Fund through the Eastern Benevolent Society Funeral Home in memory of her late husband, Kenrick Anderson Jeffers who died on January 13, 2017.  Mr. Jeffers was a Kittitian by birth, who had lived in the UK for many years and raised his family. They visited his homeland often and Mr Jeffers expressed his wish that he wanted his final resting place to be in St. Kitts.  Mrs Jeffers recalled that, Kenrick Jeffers had such a passion for children and wanted to help eliminate some of their suffering that he was moved to donated to organizations like “Save the Children” after watching their donor appeals on television.  Thus, Mrs. Jeffers thought it only fitting to make a lifetime gift (throughout her lifetime) annually of XCD$1,000 in her husband’s memory to the St. Christopher Children’s Home to support the children of her husbands homeland.


​The first check in the amount of $1,000 was presented at a ceremony at the Children’s Home in June