Weather Information : SCASPA Met Office



The St. Kitts Meteorological Services is monitoring an area of disturbance in the mid Atlantic Ocean moving westerly at about 6mph over last 24hours. It continues to produce disorganized showers and thunderstorms. Conditions are expected to become more favorable later this week and a tropical depression could form at that time. It is then expected to move west-northwest in a day or so and continue on this general motion for this rest of the week.

Based on the information analysed at 8am (Monday 3rd July 2017) this system will be in the vicinity of the northern Leeward Islands by this weekend. The early projections are for it to pass to the northeast of the federation.

It is too early to determine what impacts are likely if any at all but we at the St. Kitts Met Office will continue to monitor this area of disturbed weather and provide updates throughout this week. As the system is some distance away, some changes in its path and or potential impact are possible and as such updates will be provided daily until it passes the federation.

At this time there are NO advisories in place for this weather disturbance.