“As the Government and people of St. Kitts and Nevis celebrate Centenarians’ Day today, May 31, 2017 let us pause to acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable socio-economic contributions that our senior citizens have made towards the development of our Federation. Our Country’s 17 centenarians have certainly experienced full and challenging lives, including two World Wars, the rise and fall of the West Indies Federation; our journey to Independence; the demise of the sugar industry, and our evolution into a services-based economy within a global marketplace that gives no special favours to small states like ours.’’

Such were the sentiments of the Hon Wendy Colleen Phipps, Minster with responsibility for Health and Social Services as she contemplated our Country’s celebration of Centenarians’ Day. The Minister noted that this observance is a new feature on our national calendar since May 2016 when the Team Unity Administration declared that the last day of May would be set aside each year to honour all of our citizens who have attained the age of 100 years.

Minister Phipps stated that some 11 centenarians reside on St. Kitts while six live on Nevis. She further added that the Federation’s centenarian count can reach 20 by the end of July, should three additional senior citizens in Nevis attain the age of 100 by then.

Deputy Premier of Nevis and Minister of Social Services in the Nevis Island Administration, the Hon Mark Brantley, joined in recognising our Nation’s centenarians on their special day:

“I am delighted to celebrate our centenarians within St. Kitts and Nevis. Their longevity speaks to their individual strength, but also provides a snapshot of the tremendous strides we have made as a nation in healthcare and steadily increasing the overall longevity of our people. May we all enjoy the long life that our centenarians have been gifted with. God bless them,” Minister Brantley stated.

As the Federation celebrates Centenarians’ Day, our people should also acknowledge and appreciate the love, patience and care that are provided by families, neighbours, friends, healthcare professionals, service organisations, and

the Government’s Home Care Officers who individually and collectively care for Nation’s our senior citizens.

The distribution of our centenarians across the Federation is as follows:

St. Kitts (Total of 11)

  •   Louisa Isaac – Cayon (103)
  •   Gladys Williams – St Peters (103)
  •   Lilian Griffin – Cayon (101)
  •   Una Duporte – The Cardin Home (101)
  •   Samuel Depusoir – Challengers (101)
  •   James Pemberton – La Guerite (101)
  •   Nora Stapleton – La Guerite (100)
  •   Edward Solomon Bailey – Saddlers (101)
  •   Alfred Tyson – McKnight (102)
  •   Doris Warner – Bird Rock (100)
  •   Ernestine Cross – Challengers (100)

    Nevis (Total of 6)

  •   Celian Powell – Flamboyant Home (104)
  •   Florence Liburd – Craddock Road (102)
  •   Rosetta Hull – Flamboyant Home (101)
  •   Dowie Elliott – Fothergills (101)
  •   Mary Browne – River Path (100)
  •   Ettie Jeffers – Flamboyant Home (100)

    May 31, 2017