Basseterre, St. Kitts – May 16, 2017 (The St. Christopher National Trust): The St. Christopher National Trust has embarked on a new project that will lead to the establishment of a “National Registry of Heritage Places.”

Officials at the St. Christopher National Trust, explain that the National Registry of Heritage Places will become the official place of record, listing all important sites, buildings, structures and objects that are significant to the history of St. Kitts and will be administrated by the St. Christopher National Trust.

The project is being funded by the United States mission of the Organization of American States.

The properties selected to be included in the Registry will be guided by criteria for evaluation, as established by the OAS. These criteria will be the standards by which all properties that are nominated will be determined.

Nominations for listing heritage places can be submitted from member of the public, private institutions, community groups, government ministries/departments, corporations, -or the National Trust. These entities will begin the process and prepare the necessary documentation to be submitted to the St. Christopher National Trust for evaluation.

An advisory committee, comprising professionals in the field of archaeology, architecture, history and property law, has been created for the purpose of perusing all nominations. The committee is also tasked with the responsibility to evaluate the nominations and submit recommendations to the St. Christopher National Trust for listing.

Properties listed in the St. Christopher National Trust’s National Registry of heritage places, should possess historic significance and integrity.

Significance includes:

  • Association with historic event or activity
  • Association with important persons
  • Distinctive design or physical characteristics
  • Potential to provide important information about pre-history or history

A property that meets at least one of the above mentioned criteria can be listed, they must however, be 70 years or older.

Persons or institutions, interested in having their property listed on the registry are asked to contact St. Christopher National Trust at:  (869) 465-5584, info@stchristophernationaltrust.kn or visit us in the Old Treasury building on the Bay Road, Basseterre.