Christophe Harbour Foundation gives vital support to BHS ROC-90


Basseterre, St. Kitts, 15th May, 2017 – The Christophe Harbour Foundation made a significant contribution to the BHS ROC-90 organization to facilitate its work with youth in the federation.


Jon Gersonde, the general manager and vice president of operations for Christophe Harbour, presented a cheque from the foundation, to the amount of US$5,000, to the BHS ROC-90.


Speaking at the brief ceremony held recently at The Pavilion at Christophe Harbor, Gersonde said, “Christophe Harbour has a vested interest in the community, in the tourism of the federation, and in the people. That is why the Christophe Harbour Foundation was established. We are fully committed to the advancement of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.”


The foundation is designed to assist local organizations in work relative to categories such as culture, the environment, education, health and the youth of the federation.


It is under such remit that the foundation made the donation in support of the BHS-ROC-90.


Gersonde said, “The foundation believes in the objectives and the work of this great organization. With this financial support, the foundation believes the future of St. Kitts is in a better place, as investment is made to further develop our youth.”


The Christophe Harbour vice president said, “Today, we issue an invitation to other groups in the country to submit their proposals for support from the foundation.”


ROC-90 President Victor Williams expressed appreciation to Jon and the Christophe Harbour Foundation.


Williams said, “I want to thank the Christophe Harbour Foundation, and to say to you, Jon, that Christophe Harbour and ROC-90 have had a relationship now for about 10 years… We want to thank you for this contribution.”


The BHS ROC-90 was started in 1990 with members of the Basseterre High School Class of 1973 to 1975.


Williams described what the organization does.


“Basically, we take children who show academic promise, but who are having financial challenges, and we remove the concept of poverty and we replace it with whatever they need, not want, but most importantly, we give them guidance, we mould them, and we give them love,” Williams explained.


Williams indicated that the success of the program over the past 26 years can be seen in the career pursuits and achievements of its members – state scholars, engineers, doctors, information technology experts – a whole range.


In accepting the donation, Williams stated, “We want to continue showing that level of love, that level of commitment to the children of the nation. Every single dollar that we get goes directly to the educational development of the children.”



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