Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 03, 2017 (SKNIS): Officials at the St. Kitts Electricity Company Limited (SKELEC) are encouraging customers to utilize the company’s electronic services via its website, as it adds to the ease of paying for services online.

“It is convenient and we are extending the convenience if you can’t make it to our office,” said Gawain Fraites, SKELEC’s Public Relations Officer, while appearing on “Working for You” on Wednesday, May 03.

The public relations officer outlined a number of benefits of using the company’s E- Biz service.

“As soon as the bill is processed, in house customers will get a notification via email. You make your payment online, and we have a calculator that can estimate your next bill. So you can put in your bill reading from the meter and it will estimate it so that you can keep track,” said Mr. Fraites. “Also, you can check your bill history. You can see your trending over the last couple of months. Actually, it goes back to at least five years. You can see your daily usage over the last five years as well to see which days you use more electricity, which days you use less, and possibly the reason why you might have used more or less.”

Mr. Fraites added that customers can also use SKELEC’s E-Biz to submit service requests such as problems with a meter or report a faulty street light.

He added that the E-Biz was created to give persons other avenues to make payments and to contact SKELEC.

Equally important, an invitation was also extended to commercial customers to sign up, as they too can benefit from using the E-Biz services.

“We want to strongly encourage our commercial customers to sign up for E-Biz as well,” said Pearl Williams, Acting General Manager. “It is a little bit more unique with our commercial customers where they will use a pin rather than information. So we encourage you to bring in your business license. If you are sending someone, [give them] a notarized letter that is from the company and they can just sign up.”

Mrs. Williams said that customers who are interested in utilizing the online service can do so via the website or at SKELEC headquarters on Central Street in Basseterre.