“Prime Minister Skerrit meets with Ambassador of Mexico to the Eastern Caribbean”.


Press Release, 24th March 2017

The Embassy of Mexico is pleased to inform that the Ambassador of Mexico to the Eastern Caribbean States, H.E. Luís Manuel López Moreno, met today with the Prime Minister of Dominica, Hon Roosevelt Skerrit, and with other top officials, to discuss key aspects of the bilateral relations between our two countries.

Mexico is part of the Greater Caribbean and, as such, is committed to our common development as a region. In that respect, the main topic of discussion during the meeting was that Mexico and the Government of Dominica are in the final stages of jointly identifying an infrastructure project to be financed by Mexico in benefit of Dominicans. This project would be part of Mexico’s infrastructure efforts in the region, which include the construction of the Parliament of Grenada; roads and sewage in communities in Antigua and Barbuda; a water treatment plant and two hospital buildings in Saint Lucia, and four bridges and embankment in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Additionally, another important development effort that Mexico wants to promote in Dominica and throughout the region is the availability of educational opportunities in Mexico for interested students. In this regard, a cluster of universities in Mexico decided to offer subsidized undergraduate programs to people from the Eastern Caribbean in a variety of areas, including medicine, engineering, agronomy, and tourism, amongst others. Similarly, the Government of Mexico has made available full scholarships for masters and PhD level programs.

Furthermore, Mexico’s commitment with the Caribbean involves strengthening our relations and dialogue with the people and Government of the Commonwealth Dominica. With this in mind, Ambassador López Moreno inaugurated today the Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Dominica, led by Mr. Jeffrey Baptiste, General Manager of Flow in Dominica. Mr. Baptiste will serve as a fundamental bridge between our two countries in the capacity of Consul.

If you have any questions concerning Mexico, the Honorary Consulate or any of the programs we are undertaking in the region, please contact us at mexicanembassy@candw.lc