13th March 2017,The St Kitts Nevis Defence Force Coast Guard (SKNDFCG) will be conducting Live Firing Exercises at sea on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 March 2016 from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

The wet range live firing will be conducted approximately twelve (12) nautical miles South West of Basseterre harbour in the following latitudes and longitudes. The area of concern is boxed in the diagram on the marine chart below.

Latitude: 17˚ 18 N Longitudes: 062˚ 42.80 W
Latitude: 17˚ 13.20 N Longitudes: 062˚ 55.52 W
Latitude; 17˚ 09.00 N Longitudes: 062˚ 52.92 W
Latitude: 17˚ 17.50 N Longitudes: 062˚ 58.30 W
Latitude: 17˚ 10.90 N Longitudes: 063˚ 10.00 W
Latitude: 17˚ 01.70 N Longitudes: 063˚ 05.40 W

All mariners are take note of the area marked for the live firing exercise and avoid operating in the said area during time specified for the live firing exercise.