St. Kitts Hosts World Record Holders


BASSETERRE (7th February, 2017): World record-breaking marathon runners recently competed in St. Kitts, running in the Frigate Bay area along a scenic route that took them through The Strip.

The Z Adventure Marathon Group returned to St. Kitts for the second straight year, to compete in the 2nd edition of the Southern Caribbean Challenge, which consists of runners from 10 different countries, on a Caribbean cruise, competing in a marathon on each island stop.unnamed (3)
The marathon entailed running atleast 20 kilometers with competitors ranging from 74 years old to as young as nine.The group included runners from around the world with exceptional running resumes, which included:

Dr. Klaus Westphal (Germany):
he has ran marathons in 128 countries and St. Kitts was number 129 for him. He is ranked #1 in the Marathon Globetrotters Club.

Mekaal Rahim & Zara Rahim (Canada): are the youngest competitors at nine and ten years old. Mekaal completed his first half marathon at the age of eight. Both have run over 30 long-distance events around the world and this will be their second time participating in the Southern Caribbean Challenge. Last year, both ran 10K on all the islands and are now aiming to run a half marathon.unnamed (4)
John Wallace (USA): who is a world record holder in marathon running; has participated in marathons in 130 countries covering all seven continents. No other runner has run in more countries than him.

Rich Holmes (USA): has run 599 marathons in 94 countries and on all seven continents. He ran his 600th marathon in St. Kitts.unnamed (5).

Ziyad Rahim (Pakistan):
the brain child of the cruise challenge, holds ten Guinness World Records in long-distance running. He has run a marathon in over 40 countries and is the only athlete in the world to have completed a half marathon, full marathon and an ultra-marathon on all seven continents.

In 2015, he took 36 runners from around the world to complete in seven marathons on seven continents in the shortest time. The challenge was completed in ten days and in the process 15 Guinness World Records were broken. unnamed (6)
The St. Kitts leg of the South Caribbean Challenge was organized in partnership with the St. Kitts Tourism Authority.