SKNYPA is a 15 year strong and robust youth organization which aims to provide an avenue for the nation’s youth to become actively involved in nation building, volunteerism and policy making with regards to national issues.

Over the years, the Association’s headline project is the Desmond E. Ward Primary School Competition which has taken on forms of a debate and an effective speaking competition. The competition has been won by the Deane Glasford and Dieppe Bay Primary Schools. Additionally, the Association has been known for its vigorous youth parliament sittings which over time have debated bills which includes and not limited to Vehicle and Road Traffic Bill proposing mandatory seatbelt use while driving in 1999, the Criminal Law Amendment Bill proposing firmer penalties for sexual offences against children in 2000, Integrity in Public Life Bill in 2008 and in recent times National Youth Awards Proposal 2016.

As is evident, SKNYPA offers the youth unique opportunities to participate in a healthy mixture of activities such as those listed above as well as receive necessary training in parliamentary procedures, leadership skills, event planning and management.

To this end; the organization officially opens its doors to new members from the age of 12 – 30 years. Applications may be retrieved from members of SKNYPA, the Ministry of Youth Empowerment or downloaded from the ‘Link’ posted both on the SKNYPA Facebook page – . Application forms may be hand delivered to the SKNYPA Secretariat on Church Street Basseterre on Thursdays from 6pm – 8pm or can be submitted to

The membership drive will close on Saturday 18th February, 2017. For more information visit our Facebook page or send us an e-mail at