How to Support Those Impacted by cancer


How to Support Those Impacted by cancer

As many families continue to face the daily chores of dealing with cancer, think about what you can do to make a difference for someone. Lending a helping hand, taking the time to listen or just a comforting hug can be a much needed act of kindness that is appreciated by both the afflicted and the caregiver. Words, deeds of support and love provide encouragement and comfort. Here are a few suggestions of how YOU can help.

• Provide meals that are easy to freeze or re-heat. Consider asking if there are any aversions or foods that should be avoided.

• Provide sources of entertainment: books, magazines, DVD’s, music

• Provide transportation to appointments or treatment
• Provide childcare if there are little ones around

• Take the dog for a walk, take a pet to the vet if needed
• Offer to pray with the afflicted and/or the caregiver

• Help with paying bills

• Do a few loads of laundry, do the dishes, vacuum a room or two

• Send some flowers to brighten the day (make sure that they do not irritate the person)

• Pay for a subscription to Netflix so there is a variety of TV shows, movies and documentaries to watch

• Gift the primary caregiver with some gift certificates to a spa, get a manicure/pedicure

• Take the caregiver out for dinner or to the movies

• Hire a cleaning person to come in every couple of weeks

• Call to say hello, and talk about something other than the cancer
• Work on a hobby together (but know when you have to call it quits)

If you have small children you can help to maintain a routine to keep life as normal as possible:

• Help their children with homework if you know they are struggling in school

• Offer to speak to teachers, principals or team coaches if that is needed
• Pick up or drop off at school

• Arrange play-dates at your house

• Offer to pick them up and drop them off for practice, game or afterschool activity

• Offer to drive the parent to the game and be prepared to leave early if need be

• Organize activities for the kids on staff professional development days

• Give those kids hugs

We can all do something to make a person’s life a little happier and ensure that the workload is a little lighter. Today is World Cancer Day. Let us find ways to give love, support and hope. We Can. I Can.