Ambassador Condor Meets with Officials of FOWPAL – Federation of World Peace and Love


New York: On Monday, January 30, 2017, His Excellency Ambassador Sam T. Condor, Permanent Representative of St. Kitts and Nevis to the United Nations, met with representatives of FOWPAL, The Federation of World Peace and Love.

FOWPAL is a not for profit organization, which is the brain child of Dr. Hong, Tao Tze, whose objective is to travel the world sharing a simple message of love and peace to world leaders. The success of the initiative has proven remarkable as the love and peace summits unify thousands of citizens across the globe, including many world leaders who engage in ringing the bell of peace in declaration to the world of their commitment to the pursuit of feasible alternatives to war.

FOWPAL’s founder and members pride themselves in the support they have gotten from various leaders in over 96 countries who have already rung the bell of peace. This includes heads of states, Nobel peace prize winners and Ambassadors to the United Nations.

According to the FOWPAL website, “The actions taken and the commitment made by world leaders will bring increasing attention to the wish for peace. This is also a critical issue for humankind in the beginning of the 21st century. Under the guidance of Dr. Hong, thousands of volunteers from all walks of life have dedicated their time to the great mission of love and peace.” Bringing leaders together on the premise of peace and love is no easy feat but FOWPAL is committed to transforming the world through these basic tenets.

FOWPAL’s objective in meeting with various leaders is to encourage ANEOC also called An Era of Conscience. The founder and advocates believe conscience driven ethics is the key to sustaining the human race and the future. They believe the world needs heroes of conscience to help spread wings of peace and love. Ambassador Condor vowed to support initiatives that promote healthier, happier lifestyles for nationals of St. Kitts and Nevis at home and in the diaspora.

On Friday February 10, 2017, Ambassador Condor is set to meet with heads of organizations in the diaspora to engage in discussions as to how the Permanent Mission to the United Nations can continue to work with organizations to ensure national events such as the Independence Reception, Independence Gala, Church service and other community initiatives are successfully hosted.

Organizations in the diaspora host an array of events throughout the year, drawing large crowds on many occasions. The vision of the FOWPAL organization and its mission will be shared with organizations to sensitize them on world efforts to spread wings of love and peace.