(EMU) – St. Kitts, January, 16, 2017: In an effort to ensure that the School Meals Programme is maintained at the highest standard, The Ministry of Education has commenced renovations to the building at Needsmust Estate.

The refurbishment to the facility commenced in late December 2016 and is expected to last until late January 2017. Some of the work to be done includes, re-tiling of the floors and extraction of the wooden cupboards and tables. These wooden structures will be replaced with stainless steel kitchen furniture. The installation of locker-rooms for the employees, upgrades to the washrooms and a new food storage room are also on the list.

Mr. Leon Williams Coordinator of the School Meals Programme, stated that the upgrading of the facility was greatly needed and well-timed. Not only will it boost staff morale, but ultimately contribute to the product that they produce and deliver daily.

“A clean and sanitized facility,” Mr. Williams reassured, as he described the workspace that is being used during the construction. He informed that no construction work is being done while the chefs are preparing the meals. “All construction is being done during non- working hours.” He explained that a thorough ‘washing’ of the area is done before the commencement of cooking and after.

The School Meals Programme renovations are being done by Anthony Huggins and Sons contractors.IMG_2009