PM Skerrit: Nobody will know they had a fire at home


Dear Media Professional,

Prime Minister Skerrit has disclosed that “every single child [who is from Silver Lake] will go to school” when school re-opens. This comment follows a visit to fire victims on Tuesday morning at Silver Lake.

He said, “In respect of school for the children we will ensure that when school reopens that every single child will go to school with all the supplies: books, uniforms, school bags, shoes. We will provide all of that for the children. When they get to school, nobody will know they had a fire at home. They will be fully decked for school like any other child in their class.”

Skerrit also welcomed support from those who “have”:

“Dominicans who have who want to provide them with assistance – fine but there is no need to have any radio-thon or PayPal or bank account opened and soliciting money – that’s not necessary. The Government, as we’ve done in similar situations with disasters, will come forward and assist them fully with the medium term and long-term solution.”



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