Govt prepared to rent accommodation for all 20 families


Dear Media Professional,

Following the fire in Silver Lake on Tuesday night, Prime Minister Skerrit has announced that one of the decisions taken by the Cabinet for the displaced families is the provision of rented accommodation in order to minimize the time spent at shelters.

Here is PM Skerrit’s announcement:

“It is the Government’s hope that we can limit the amount of time that the residents will stay at the shelters because for us it is better that they are in rented accommodation so that they can feel more comfortable, they can have their own independent space and minimize on the psychological damage which would have been caused as a result of seeing their entire life earnings go up in flames.

Persons who are listening to me and who would have apartments or homes for rent, the Government is prepared to rent from you to provide temporary accommodation to those families. So we would like to rent homes for those families and of course the Government would make the payments for those rented accommodation.”



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